• 6 churches - 1 Objective

    Through the combined efforts of these churches, over 40 people accepted Christ in the various evangelistic events in which we were involved. 

  • Moises has a problem

    The smell of alcohol was strong; he had just come from the cantina. 

  • Investing in Others

    JT is reaching a people group to whom I've not had the opportunity to minister.

  • The Jesus film

    Joseph is a nine year old boy who, along with his mother, received a Jesus Film DVD during Easter week. 

  • Peru Disaster

    Along with providing valuable assistance to needy people, our missionaries are also sharing the Gospel.

  • Global Faith nEws

    From the beginning stages of communication from potential missionaries to their acceptance, it is thrilling to see how God calls and leads various people to become involved in global missions.

  • Back to the future

    We are blessed by realizing that one day this current generation of young people preparing for global missionary activity will continue the work in which we are involved. 

  • How do you say "turkey"?

    The man who asked that we teach him how to say "turkey" in English made a greater discovery - he found a Savior.