• Thanks for your partnership


    Recently Manuel Verde sent me this picture of the very first Doctrine book that he purchased in 1981 when we initiated his ministry training.

  • The Books


    My conversations with pastors in Yucatan, Guatemala, and Panama this year have highlighted one of the greatest needs of these national pastors - they need books!

  • When churches Cooperate Part II


    That day and throughout the week-long mission trip, God used the cooperative efforts of an American church and national churches to spread the gospel through multiple ministry events.

  • When churches cooperate part I


    This is the third consecutive year that Mt. Pisgah members have ministered in Yucatan.

  • 30 yards away


    I could see a group of 4 men who had gathered under a large shade tree.

  • Four generations of Faith


    This is not the result of a short-term effort; this is the result of years of patiently ministering and becoming personally involved in the lives of those who accept Christ.

  • Tacana, Guatemala


    It was a wonderful time of thanksgiving as the church celebrated the 11th anniversary of the "Sociedad Femenil.

  • First Ever Music Team


    The music ministry was always accompanied by the preaching and teaching of the Word of God through which some came to know Christ and many were blessed.