• Turkey or Tamales?


    For some Americans, the traditional Christmas fare includes turkey, but in the Hispanic culture, tamales are a popular Christmas food.

  • International Food Festival


    We take advantage of the multi-national component of our Spanish church to highlight the various foods and dishes typical to each country and region.

  • The Library


    I was immediately struck by the fact that their request was for something

    spiritually significant.

  • Chickens, Pigs, & People


    With the adults that taught the children, over 70 people crowded into this tiny space...

  • Inconvenience or fellowship


    In spite of the scorching tropical heat and the simple cooking methods, there was no complaint from the team of ladies who worked for hours to provide the meal. 

  • Praying Luke 10:2


    As I looked out the window of the plane back in March, I was deeply impacted by the immensity of Mexico City.

  • The SOund of Music


    The Lord blessed in these meetings as the team ministered through their music program, while I had the privilege of sharing from God's Word.

  • Fifty Years and One Week


    Edi and I are both blessed to have a heritage of mission families. 

  • God is still working


    It is thrilling to see how God uses a seed, planted twenty years ago, to continue to bear fruit.

  • Christmas Eve at the Plaza


    The plaza is the central hub of Merida, a city of almost one million people.