• God is still calling

    December 2020

    On December the 7th I discussed missionary work with two young adults intheir 20’s. This was one of a series of ongoing meetings we have had forseveral months.

  • The Library Project

    November 2020

    This month our Library Project Fund furnished two churches in Yucatán

    with a start-up library for their church membership. Each church received

    a $500 grant to get their library started.

  • National Hispanic Heritage Month

    October 2020

    The church in the United States has an unbelievable opportunity to evangelize ethnic groups who have come to our country!

  • Pandemic Perspective

    August 2020

    One of the things that has blessed me the most is observing the perspective of our missionaries as they have focused on what they can do and not on what they can't do.

  • The Last Time

    June 2020

    The last time I saw Eusebio was on a Wednesday night in March...

  • The Kitchen Table

    May 2020

    There is something about a meeting around a table that opens the door for opportunities to interact and discuss things in a manner which do not occur in a formal church service.

  • what is that in your hand?

    April 2020

    Each week I meet via technology with my Spanish speaking Bible study group.

  • God Hasn't changed

    march 2020

    I was supposed to be in Yucatán this month. 

  • Standby Generator

    February 2020

    Urgent need in Guatemala.

  • Teamwork

    January 2020

    On my last international ministry trip of 2019, I had the privilege of visiting Global Faith missionaries David & Sarah Booth in Portugal.